I know, I know – I totally failed the last time I made any sort of OMG I AM GOING TO GO TO THE GYM AND STUFF.  But seriously, this time I’m really going to do it.  Because it was made VERY apparent to me over the past week or so by persons both actual and mystical (or whatever) that I need to be less of a lazy ass chunker.


So! I’m going to the gym again (damnit) and watching a little better what I eat. We’ll see how this goes.


Breakfast today was a pint of 2% milk.  To get me through the day I have one of those Sobe lifewaters with the zero calories.. and I will NOT have a soda. WILL NOT.  Also I got these Zantrex-3 thingies .. but I haven’t had any yet – gonna do some google-research first and see.  Tonight I’m going to find my workout pants and go to the gym. I WILL DO THIS.  And then at the end of it all I will say SCREW YOU WII FIT (and GAP jeans) FOR MAKING ME FEEL BAD ABOUT MYSELF.

But of course I won’t do that until I actually lose a little weight. Or something. We’ll see.

BUT DAMNIT. I’m going to try. Again.