As if anybody needed Sex Drive in a can.  🙂  But I’ll admit, the marketing worked! I bought it, didn’t I?  So the official label on this drink says:  “Original Sex Drive energydrink Turn On Your Drink!”  And of course they have a website – SexDriveEnergyDrink.com.  And yes, it’s every bit as classy as you’d imagine it to be.

So this is “A Premium Energy Drink” infused with L-Arginine, Horny Goat Weed (seriously I’m not making this up) and Blue Lotus.  It also reads: “ultimate energy from premium ingredients l-arginine for enhanced performance”.  Although to be honest, I’m not sure what sort of performance they’re going for here.  Maybe I shouldn’t be drinking this in an office type setting.  It’s not going to like, make me wanna hump my laptop or anything is it?  (yes, these are the things I worry about. yeah yeah yeah, it’s scary in my brain, I know)

Although the warning label is a bit different than your usual energy drink.  “Consume with caution: contains l-arginine and horny goat weed. Limit 3 cans per day.  not suitable for use by children or those with heart conditions, pregnant, or are sensitive to caffeine.  Product not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any condition including sexual dysfunctino or dimished libido.”

Well, so I guess I shouldn’t have to worry about the humping.  But yeah, I’ve had this for nearly a week and have been afraid to try it.  Maybe I’m just a weenie.  Let’s see what’s in it.

Servings – 1 (yay! even if its only 8.4 fl oz)

  • Calories – 120
  • total Carbs 29g
  • sugars – 27g
  • vitamin b6 – 5mg
  • vitamin b12 – 5mcg
  • L-arginine – 2g
  • caffeine – 50mg
  • horny goat weed – 50mg
  • blue lotus extract – 3mg
  • ginseng – 50mg
  • schisandra berry – 50mg
  • damiana leaf – 3mg

First opening – looks kind of yellow, smells kind of.. well.. bad. Like a metallic smell to it that I can’t quite place.  Poured it into a cup, bad idea.  Sorta looks like a urine sample of a sick person.  And smells like cough syrup and redbull.   See, this isn’t working, now I REALLY don’t want to try it.  Let’s see what the troops think.

The votes are in, it apparently smells like if redbull made cough syrup. Awesome. So! Time to try it.  It doesn’t really taste bad, kind of a tangy start with a citrusy aftertaste, if only I could drink it without smelling it.  That’s really the worst part.

So, would I buy it again?  Nope.  Am I glad I bought it this time? Kinda.  Does it suck? Not entirely. 🙂

sex drive in a can!

sex drive in a can!

Although I feel sort of bad for not finishing it (cuz no, I’m not finishing it) – I won’t really be able to report on whether or not the whole ‘horny goat weed’ bit actually WORKS.  And you know what? That is PERFECTLY FINE BY ME.