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WOW. What a stupid name.  Today’s energy drink is  called Big RedJak.  Although also in places it says PREMIUM so perhaps it’s Premium Big RedJak?

From the can:

The makers of Big RedJak poured over 70 years of experience into the sleek can you are now holding.  Contained within these aluminum walls is a niacin core that results in a purer, more explosive power source.  Without the high fructose corn syrup which actually drains your body of energy.  Big RedJak gives you fuel to go the distance, whether at work or play. GET JAK’D UP!

So I’m kind of afraid that maybe this is a can of rocket fuel that will explode when I open it.  Probably should hide behind a chair when I try to open it.  You know, in case of fire.  (yay! no explosion) But BOOO. It smells like medicine. Since I’m still a little afraid of the can (sleek aluminum walls? wtf?) I poured some out into a cup. And boy am I glad I did.  WIth a name like RedJak you’d think it’d be a red drink.  Nope. This bad boy is HOT PINK. And smells like Robitussin.  So much so that I actually took it around to some of my co-workers to see what they thought.  Popular opinion says it smells like Robitussin and doctors office.  (I’m not really sure what that means, but two people said it)

So how does it taste?  Well there’s the tricky part.  If you smell it while you drink it, it tastes… weird.  Not bad, just weird.  But if I breathe out right before drinking it, so that I don’t smell it at all, it actually tastes kind of good.  Like Cherry 7-Up with more cherry than 7up.  Which is a surprise, because I’ll be honest… I expected this to be one of those energy drinks that hurt my mouth and tasted like metal and left an aftertaste that killed lunch and supper.  But it’s not that bad.  Unless you smell it.  Which, granted, isn’t the best thing… but it’s totally doable.   When I tried it right out of the can, since it has such a small hole, I didn’t have to worry about not smelling it.  (Now we know why they come in cans and not bottles to pour into a cup!)

SO – what’s it got in it??

2 servings, OF COURSE. (man I hate that)

per serving:

  • 120 calories
  • total carbs – 31g
  • Sugars – 29g
  • Taurine – 947mg
  • Glucoronolactone (wtf is that?) – 150mg
  • Ginseng – 100mg
  • Inositol – 48mg
  • L-Carnitine – 25mg
  • Caffeine – 82mg

So really, not a bad showing with the energy in the energy drink (although I think #2 is rocket fuel, or maybe poison).  And not the worst flavor ever, either.  But don’t smell it… unless you want flashbacks of ‘tussin filled evenings.  EW.

Get Jak'd UP!  (what does that even MEAN??)

Get Jak'd UP! (what does that even MEAN??)