Okay so yeah, I already posted a small rant about what I was and wasn’t looking forward to as far as TV come fall.  But after getting a series of IMs this morning regarding what was going to be on tv next month, I just couldn’t help but re-evaluate. So sue me.  🙂

I think the easiest way for me to look at this will be by day, rather than by network.

Here we go:


How I Met Your Mother – actually I haven’t watched HIMYM for like, two seasons now, it’s always on opposite something else that I want to see.  This season will be no exception.  HIMYM is on opposite BOTH House AND Heroes. I’m pretty much screwed on Monday nights. Probably going t have to get my own DVR instead of using Nick’s all the time.  But it’s a good show, if you’re a girl. Totally chick TV.  Sorry, but it is.  Remember season 1 when he made it rain? Yeah. Chick TV.

The Big Bang Theory – another show that I never get to watch b/c of what it’s on opposite of.  Monday nights, why must you taunt me so?

Castle – starting our best friend, captain tightpants. *swoon* And YES! It doesn’t air until after Heroes/House and Lie to Me/Trauma.

Heroes – I saw the sneak preview of the new season on YouTube a couple of weeks ago (it looks like the version I saw is down now, boooo!) and it looked really really good. Course, even if the preview didn’t look good, I’d still watch Heroes. At this point, I just can’t stop.

House – Okay, so the season finale last time around pissed me off to no end. I mean, how many episodes did we have to watch doctor house conversing with dead people?  And seriously, I was effing tired of Amber. (although it totally cracks me up that she’s on Man Men) But, my love of all things Hugh Laurie and Robert Sean Leonard keeps me from being able to just turn off House.  Gotta give it at least this season to see where it goes.

Lie to Me – Oh Tim Roth, why you gotta be so pretty?  I swear to goodness, Monday nights are going to be the death of me.

Trauma – okay okay, I’ll admit it.  There are two reasons why I want to see this show.  First, Cliff Curtis is kinda sexy. And by kinda I mean RAWR. And also, the previews have a big helicopter crash, which is just COOL.  Will it be enough to hold my attention? No idea.  Gotta watch to find out I guess.


The Forgotten – another show with Christian Slater? Really? Did we learn nothing last season? Smatter CS? Autotrader ads not paying the bills anymore? (good, cuz AT sucks ass. stop working for them)  But what can I say? He’s had my heart since “The Legend of Billie Jean” and “Gleaming the Cube” and “Pump Up the Volume” ..etc etc etc.

NCIS – my love affair with Abby lives on. Seriously.

NCIS: Los Angeles – DAMNIT.  I really want to hate this.  But it actually got a decent start in the end of last season of NCIS. PLUS it’s got LL Cool J *and* Chris O’Donnell.  So yeah, I’ll be watching.  I’ll probably be snarking, but I’ll be watching.

The Good Wife – Julianna Margulies was good in ER. Even when ER sucked she was still good.  From doctor to lawyer? I guess we’ll see.  And now we know what Chris Noth has been doing since he left his L&O spot open for Jeff Goldblum to get all weird up in. Still not sold on this one, but we’ll see.

V – I guess V isn’t starting until November, which hardly seems fair.  But I watched it as a kid (shhh, don’t tell mom) and am really looking forward to seeing the new version.


Modern Family – I may or may not be watching for the Al Bundy factor.

Eastwick – REALLY? We’re trying this again? What is this, like the fifth attempt to make a tv show based on the movie?  Cuz what, we need a crabby bitches version of Charmed?  Well, actually we do.  I’m not planning on watching much of this series, but I would like to catch at least one episode. Just for the SEE? Told you so! factor.

America’s Next Top Model – Nick always does better than me in picking the winners. Except for that one cycle with Jade. I kicked his ass on that one.  But I have to watch ANTM, cuz Tyra, she be craaaaaazy. Which is awesome. Plus I want to have sex with Nigel, even if I’m pretty sure that he’s secretly gay.

Glee – OMG GLEE. GLEE GLEE GLEE GLEE GLEE GLEE GLEE. Yeah, sorry, I’m one of those people. Saw the pilot episode on hulu like, six times? Love it.  Not sure into the clips they’ve posted since then, but still a big fan of episode one. So of COURSE I’m going to watch.  Wednesday nights are tough, because I’ve got class that night, but this is just another reason to get that DVR I was talking about earlier.

Law & Order: SVU – I love this show. Even when they get all ‘ripped from the headlines’.  Or maybe because they do. Dunno. All I know is that I like it.


Thursday is actually a slow day for me. There are a bunch of shows, but really.. not a lot that I’m all that interested in.  Sorry, just not a CSI / Grey’s / The Office kind of gal. I’ll watch The Office on hulu during lunches sometimes, but that’s about it.  I’m supposed to like Vampire Diaries and Fringe, but I gave up on Fringe midway thru last season, and I think I’d rather chew my own arm off than like VD.  Sorry.

Bones – HOWEVER, can’t pass up Bones. Emily and David are such awesome eye candy. And the stories are usually good.  Formulaic, sure, but so what? It works.  The season finale was obnoxious, but from what I can tell it looks like it starts back up a few months following the finale, and shit’s back to normal (mostly).. which works for me.

Supernatural – I don’t watch it very often, but what I’ve seen I’ve liked.  Especially the one when he lost his shoe.

The Mentalist – Like Psych, only without the catchy theme song.  And also missing the Christmas Pineapple. But still really good. He dresses very, very well.


Are you really supposed to watch tv on Fridays? Guess so!  Okay… they decided to keep The Dollhouse?  Probably I’ll get flamed for this, but WHY?  It had two good episodes out of the whole season, and one was the first half of the finale. Notice I just said the first half, and not the second half? Lame.

Smallville – Superheroes. Seriously. How can you not love it? Sure it’s gotten kinda wierd over the last couple of seasons, but still it rocks.

Law & Order – the original is actually less fantastic than the spinoffs, if you can believe it.  But it’s still L&O and therefore still worth the time.

And that’s it for the weekday tv shows.  Yeah, I’m really going to need to get a DVR.  This is crazy.