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Honestly I feel like the only thing I post about lately is going to the gym. How lame is that?  Well there are other things going on, honest.

right now I’m having an argument with my mobile company. which is hilarious given that just yesterday I was going on and on about how much awesomer it was than that other company everybody has with their fancyshit iphones.  Three months ago I changed the way my payment went.  used to be that the phone company would pull it from the account automatically.  well so then I changed it so that the bank would send it instead.  Cuz you know, that way I got rewards points. 🙂 Well yesterday I get a notice in the mail that they hadn’t received a payment in three months and they were shutting my phone off. And apparently that meant today. Well fuck a duck. My bank statements show that it went, ugh. So that’s something to resolve tomorrow. lame.  So much for the rewards points, yeah?

So that’s a pooper.

I’m on a short break from school, which is nice. Yay for a two week long summer vacation! 🙂  And I’m getting a new haircut on either Wednesday or Thursday, now I can’t remember which day.

And today I’m going to go see Inglorious Basterds. Should be a good time.

And I’m totally addicted to uncrustables. Scary, right? 🙂 Scary and awesome.

What else? O yeah, I went to the gym again today.

I did a whole bunch more of the machines. Well, by a whole bunch more I mean two more.  So I did the hip machines (the squeezy/pushy ones) and the scary big ab crunch machine and the twisty ab machine and the leg press and leg lifts and the lay on your face leg curls and a couple of arm machines too.  And then I walked on the treadmill for half an hour.  And I’m still at 176.  Which is another small miracle because I had all those nachos yesterday. Funny how that works. 🙂

But Sergi says that I look better and happier, which is really cool to hear. And huh… I didn’t realize I’d looked less than happy. But whatever, yeah?  Still seriously doubt that I’ll hit my super hard but wouldn’t it be neat if I did goal for the end of October… but whatever… as long as I go, right? 🙂

Here’s my stats, cuz that’s what I do.  Rather a disappointing showing by the numbers on the treadmill, but I don’t *really* have a deathwish.. just kinda.

Workout Name Fat Burn
Elapsed Time 30:00:00
Calories 225
Distance 1.41 Miles
Distance Climbed 432 feet
Average Speed 2.82 MPH
Average Pace 21:14 / Mile
Average Heart Rate 134
Product Type Treadmill
Date and Time 8/23/2009 10:57

In other news, I totally have this song stuck in my head today.  Plus I would like to find these people and invite them to the next party. Cuz that would be superfun.

Also, much love and hugs and thoughts and prayers to the Hannon family right now, they need it. We love you, Andy.