and yes, I know it’s totally lame to be afraid of the weight room. I COULDN’T HELP IT. But I made myself go in there tonight. 🙂 Didn’t do much, just two leg machines (the one where you squeeze your legs together and the one where you put ’em apart) and then a big crunch machine thing.  25 reps on each one.  Legs on 95lbs and abs at 20lbs (cuz I’m a candyass).

Then I did 10 minutes on the rowing machine because I missed it. And then 30 weenie minutes on the bike (info below) because by then I was TIRED.  This is why I need to go on a regular basis. I really will tho. I’m going tomorrow (before I go to the office, ew, don’t ask). And I should keep on schedule from then on.

Workout Name Aerobics
Elapsed Time 30:01:00
Calories 242
Distance 6.87 Miles
Distance Climbed 2873 feet
Average Speed 13.73 MPH
Average Pace 4:22 / Mile
Average Heart Rate 150
Product Type RecumbentBike
Date and Time 8/21/2009 17:55

And the very best part? Got on the scale today: 176.0 That’s another .8 down. GO ME. Sure, it’s not huge leaps and bounds, but it’s pretty steady in the right direction. And that’s what counts.

Still kinda interested in a gym buddy though, so if ya’ll know someone looking for a gym, or who goes to LPAC, let me know 🙂