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tomorrow is friday.  AWESOME.  today kinda blew because I really didn’t feel well for most of the day and that part sucked.  Plus then I didn’t go to Kuma’s and didn’t go to the gym.  Actually I’m not going to the gym tomorrow either because I have to party.  Yeah, I said it. I have to party. Go me. 🙂

@AndyHannon is having a ‘holy crap he’s back in chicago’ party tomorrow, which is why no gym.  BUT!  I’ll really go back to the gym on saturday.  no really. I WILL. (see? caps)

Also, tomorrow being friday means that there’s just one more week til Inglorious Bastards comes out. I’m super excited for that movie. Like you don’t even KNOW how excited 🙂 cannot wait.

So that’s about it.  Enjoy.  Happy Jr Friday tonight and happy friday tomorrow 🙂

ps… digsby totally won’t connect on my laptop at home and that makes me sadpanda. 😦