I figured out that I can actually save my workouts in spreadsheet form on various of the equipments at my gym. All it takes is just remembering to bring along my lil usb drive. Kickass.  So – here’s my workout for tonight:

Workout Name Aerobics
Elapsed Time 50:03:00
Calories 415
Distance 11.58 Miles
Distance Climbed 5007 feet
Average Speed 13.88 MPH
Average Pace 4:19 / Mile
Average Heart Rate 153
Product Type RecumbentBike
Date and Time 8/11/2009 20:43

And of course then I had to get on the scale. 177.4! So, that’s less than last time. At least for right now I’m moving in the right direction.  And now I’m very sweaty (gross, I know) and need to do laundry.  But see?? I WENT. GO ME. 🙂

and yes, mom, I know that sour patch kids are not a food group. but they’re SO VERY TASTY.  And normally by now you’d see at least three meals made entirely of mac n cheese and fried pickles alone, and there’s none of that (and no, I didn’t have it over the weekend when I forgot to log my food). 🙂