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This weekend is the Wizard World Chicago Comic-Con.  All jokes about the new name aside, and of course ignoring the fact that both DC and Marvel were missing booths this year, plus the totally random list of guests (Todd Bridges, anyone??) – WWCCC never fails to entertain.


I always get the full three day (plus Thursday night!) pass – rarely do I go more than one day, but there’s just something about getting the ‘Weekend Premier’ badge that .. o wait, no badge this year.  That’s right. NO BADGE.  Nope, instead we got those lil’ paper wristbands like you get at a beer garden. Seriously, I’m pretty sure that the no badges thing makes WWCCC a no-go for next year.  Lame of me, right?  Well, the new one is in April, we’ll see how that goes.

stupid lil paper wristbands

stupid lil paper wristbands

But enough about that!  Lets go on to the fun stuff!  Artist alley is always my favorite stop of the day.  Today I had a theme – my girl Harley Quinn. She’s my next tattoo and I love her so.  Figured that I’d take a look around and see what Harley art I could find.  Also on my stop was a swing past Jennie Breeden of The Devil’s Panties.  I’ve had a girlcrush on her for *years*.

After that we hit the vendor section so that Nick could look for all things Bizarro.  He actually lucked out and scored a limited edition deluxe Bizarro figure. It’s actually kind of neat, comes with extra hands. (and who doesn’t just adore having extra hands??)

Only went to one panel today – Podcasting with the boys from Nerd City.  I’ve never been a podcaster, but honestly it’s something I’ve thought about doing.  If only I could be interesting on a regular basis.  Can I just say? I think I could be a Max Minor fangirl.  I wonder if he needs another one?  Anyway, if you don’t already listen to the Nerd City podcasts, you should start.  They’re locals, and record at Piece Brewery & Pizzeria.  And, they’re awesome. Awesome awesome awesome.


So, will I go tomorrow?  Haven’t decided yet. I have to show the apt tomorrow, so most likely not.  Did I have a good time today? Sure.  I mean, it was overcrowded and I only care about like a third of what’s going on and the ONLY gaming was Magic and Star Wars (ew, wtf?)- but I saw my cousin’s kids and a few random people that I knew – so yes, a good time was had.



EDIT: OH! I almost forgot! (well, I did forget, but then I remembered)

ADRIENNE CURRY!  and her brady. Didn’t meet them, didn’t get anything signed, but did sneak a couple rogue shots