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Okay okay, weird name aside, I can’t help but start off by saying that the label intrigued me on this one.  Bold black can, name listed in a red/yellow bubble pair that sorta looks like the mastercard logo.. and it’s the “Official Energy Drink of the UFC”.  So, how could I resist?  Plus I started with the Lemon Blast flavor, and we all know how I love all things lemon.  Well, if you didn’t know then, you know now. 🙂

So first taste? Really lemony.  Like candy or bottled lemonade lemony.  Sweet at first and then with a lil pucker, and then back to sweet.  Which amazes me because it doesn’t have sugar in it (I’ll get to that in a minute).  The really great thing is that there’s no real lingering aftertaste.  Which is good, lots of these energy drinks seem to have a weird paint flavored aftertaste.  What? Not sure what paint tastes like?  Well, kinda tastes in your mouth the way paint smells. Ew.

So the sugar free thing.  I wouldn’t have noticed except that it was sitting on a self labeled “Sugar Free” over at Matt Kelly’s (really tasty salad place on Jackson near Wells, I highly reccommend it).  The can doesn’t tout ‘sugar free!’ all over it like sugar free drinks usually do, so I checked the the label.  Sure ’nuff – Sugars – 0g.  Also, Calories – 0. Almost seems too good to be true.  So it doesn’t even really matter how many servings are listed as being in the can (if you care, it’s 2.  I’m always still amazed by the fact that they have two servings in one can. that’s just annoying).

So.. no calories, no sugar.. what does it have in it?

per serving:

  • 20mg Niacin
  • 5mg B6
  • 10mcg B12
  • 160mg Sodium
  • Proprietary Blend 1.35g – taurine, caffeine, guarna extract, ginseng, l-carnitine, and some other stuff

PLUS! it’s got the caffeine warning on the label, which means it’s got more caffeine than mt dew! WIN!

Really, I just can’t find anything wrong with this drink.  Which is aweswome.  It’s beaten out my old favorite No Fear Bloodorange (and original!) and my new favorite, the Amp Lightning.  True, it’s hard to not make fun of the name, but so what.   There are other flavors too, so I went this morning and bought the citrus flavor and the green apple one.  We’ll see if they’re any good.

xyience xenergy is super tasty (xuper taxty?)

xyience xenergy is super tasty (xuper taxty?)