Today started off hellish.  Woke up to no internet. Spent about an hour on the phone with RCN – including nearly 30 minutes on hold, finally hung up and called back to speak with a supervisor.  Only to finish with no internet (blast!) and a tech support call for Tuesday (double blast).  Then the trains were screwey, and I had to go back home because I left to meet my mom without her lens (the whole reason I was meeting her in the first place).


Hanging out with my folks is always fantastic.  First we went to the container store (man it’s hard to not buy everything there) and then a THREE HOUR Whole Foods trip.  Yes. Three hours. Course, we ate lunch there first before shopping.  Man I love whole foods. Seriously. It makes me wish I was a raw food eating vegan who bathed in all hemp products.  But I’m not, so I bought some super tasty sharp cheddars, some orange blossom honey, new lemoney soap, and some oatmeal for breakfasts in the morning (part of my writing down everything I eat has pointed out that perhaps I ought to be eating breakfast).

So it was wonderful fun.  And it made me WAY less grumpy.  Especially because I have a mini lemon tart sitting here waiting for me to eat it. MMMMMMMMMM.

Later today I’m going to the gym, and that should end the day on a high note.

(also, I seem to have internet back! which is fabulous, but I’m not sure how long it will last)