You may remember the DECLARATION from a few days ago…. I’m totally going to lose 30 pounds by the end of October.  According to my declaration date weigh-in, that means that I need to go from 181.2 (post-workout, with shoes on) to, well, let’s call it 150 by Halloween. 🙂

My plan is simple:

  • write down everything I eat in an effort to shame myself into eating better (or at least, idly sitting ’round eating crap less)
  • go to the gym on a more regular basis

And yeah, might be too simple for the long haul, but it’s a start.

So today I did 50 mins on the bike, 11.54 miles, avg 154 heart rate… burned around 400ish calories, and can still walk (stairs are hard, but not impossible).  I really want to do some weight machines too, but I only got as far as going into that room today.  There were just too many people. Maybe tomorrow.

Scale today says: 178.6

So it’s a start.