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warning – body image issues, discussion of weight/weight loss, and prolly some tmi to follow

So yeah. Here’s me. As a 30something female I’m automatically supposed to dislike what I look like. I know this.  It’s like, in the contract or something.  So, hence the DECLARATION.  (did you know that if you write it all in caps, then it’ll actually happen? trufax)

So yeah. I feel like a slug.  I don’t really like it, and I would like to try and do something about it.  But I’m not crazy, or stupid, or blind.  I know what my limits are (usually) and what I will and won’t do.  For example, there’s no way I’m getting up super early, like, ever.  And there’s little to no chance of me changing my eating habits, either. Just won’t happen. Maybe a slight adjustment, but nothing major.

But there are some things that I will do.  Because I have a goal.  My goal is to lose 30 pounds by the end of October.  That’s ten pounds lost each month starting in August. This means I start on Saturday.  And I have a bit of a plan outlined, but will most likely make a bunch of changes to it after I see how the first few weeks go.

I eat a lot of crap. I would like to eat less crap.  So what I’m going to do is start journaling my food (ew) and taking a look at what I can change/adjust.  I know that I won’t do anything major, so it’s silly to even think that I will. But small changes I think I can handle.  Like for example, instead of having a bag of sour patch kids at my desk that I plow through all day, maybe I’ll get some celery (I love celery, it crunches) and snack on that intsead.  Also, I drink a lot of mt dew.  Instead of buying the 20 floz bottles, maybe I’ll get a fridge pack of the cans, and then drink them in small cups with ice in them.  That way there will be less intake.  Also, I love energy drinks (duh).  I will investigate some low in calorie options.

So, today’s food journal so far:

  • 20 oz bottles of mt dew – 2
  • ground beef nachos (Qdoba), ground beef, fajita veggies, pinto beans, cheese, sour cream, queso sauce, (no salsa) – ate probably 85%
  • sour patch kids – several handfuls

The other thing that I’m going to do is go to the gym more often. If I go directly after class on Mon/Tues and go in the evening the other nights, that should be good. And I can go in the morning on the weekends.  What I need to do by Saturday is get over my fear of the weight rooms.  Because I need to work on my upper body, and my gross inner thighs. Because, lets face it.  I used to be cute, and now I am decidedly NOT CUTE.  This is not a fishing expedition, this is just basic fact.  When I feel cute again, then I will be cute. 🙂

So my apologies for anybody that is totally not interested in following along, I’m gonna be keeping track of what I weigh in at, what I’ve eaten, and what sort of workout I’ve been doing.  Encouragement, yelling at me when I fall behind, taunting, cheering, etc. is ALL welcome and mightily appreciated. Seriously.  I don’t have a gym buddy, instead I have the internet to bully me into doing what I need to do. If that’s okay by ya’ll.

So here we go, folks!  Starts on Saturday!  Wish me luck!

(ps! I go to LPAC over at Diversey/Sheffield if anybody goes there and wants to gym buddy once in a while)