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Well okay, not REALLY a totally emo post.  Just kinda. 🙂  (are you allowed to smileyface in an emo post?)

So I’m back from Boston (duh) and I’m exhausted and sliced my finger up on my razor this morning and it hurts and I’m not feelin’ work or class or anything and WHINE WHINE WHINE BITCH.  But!  When I get into a mood like this I tend to turn to some of my favorites on YouTube.  And because I’m totally awesome (don’tcha know it) I’m going to share some of them with you.  So enjoy! (damnit!)

Who doesn’t love the Plain White Ts? Practically local, and the video is shot (mostly) in Chicago. Plus it’s just PRETTY damn it.

The Mountain Goats are a fairly recent favorite of mine.  I love how they sound. Video is fun too.  Plus John Darnielle (from B-town, IN!) is kinda hot.

yeah, it’s also from like, a bacardi ad or something. too bad, it’s a good song. the one reason I was sad that I was all lame and missed Pitchfork this year (despite having a ticket. long story)

I don’t think that I’ve ever heard/seen a song from Matt that I didn’t love, but this one is on my favorite playlist for a reason.  Cuz it’s super great.

I’m torn on this. I love the song to death, but still haven’t forgiven them for not filming it here (hey DGB, we got next, yeah?)  Doesn’t matter, love these guys, adore this song.

I can’t post the original without including the cover, which I actually lately listen to more than the original. 🙂

I love westbound train in a way that is almost creepy and stalkery. but not quite. 🙂

As a girl, I think I’m contractually obligated to include this song.

If you’ve ever seen Pump Up the Volume (and if you haven’t, why the hell not? go netflix it. GO!) you’ll know why this song makes me wanna make out with somebody.  A lot. With no top on.

Yay! MGMT!

I could listen and watch John Mayer play for hours. Seriously.

yay! more MGMT!

So there you have it… a very large number of the videos on my YouTube favorites list that I listen to when I’m having an emo-esque kind of day.