So I’m sure you all know by now, I work for a website that one of the features is that we help to provide leads from consumers to auto dealers.  Whooo so complicated. Yay for the internet, and all that.  Anyway, the way it works is this: you see a car you like, you click on ‘contact dealer’, you fill out a form, and the dealer gets your info. In the meantime, we send you an email that says “hey you sent a lead to xyz, here’s a link back to the car you were looking at”.  Pretty straightforward, right?  You’d think so.

People reply to the autoresponder email. ALL THE TIME.  Sometimes with just a “thanks” (because manners count, even on the internet, damnit), but sometimes with more questions, and sometimes with various tirades about not getting contacted by the dealer, the price of the car, the fact that they were actually trying to buy tennis shoes, etc. Just really random various stuff.  To the autoresponder. *sigh

Today we got this lovely reply:

It seems silly to get quotes from several dealers when they all have the same return e-mail address

Okay now THAT’S. JUST. IT.  I officially deem some people just too fucking stupid to be allowed to buy and drive a car. I don’t even drive any more (unless I’m in IN with the fam) and I don’t even want this dumbass on the road with me. Ugh.  FAIL FAIL FAIL. I give up. I though people not knowing how to work a revolving door was bad.  This, somehow, is worse.

And, just so you have some sort of context, the first two lines of the email that was replied to:

Thank you for your interest in the 2009 Volkswagen New Beetle. Your information is on its way to the seller, who will follow up with you as soon as possible via the email address or phone number you provided.

And the reply to email address is:  Support@[mycompany].com