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okay first of all let me say this


and yes, I understand that the idea of spoiling a movie that’s based on one of the most popular books series this century is kind of odd, but I totally get it – sometimes people don’t want to know what happened in the movie. I am not one of those people, I LOOOOVE spoilers, but I don’t judge. not on that count anyway.  So if you don’t want to get any ideas about what happened in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (the movie OR the book) then you should probably stop reading this.

I’m not kidding, this is like, your last warning, because here it comes.



Here we go:

So yeah, I went to see the latest Harry Potter (HP6) film last night at the midnight showing.  I didn’t have anybody to go with (although really sometimes that’s for the best), but I’d seen all the other ones at the midnight showing, so I figured why not.  That’s sort of how I felt when the books came out too… from #3 on I got them all at the midnight release parties at various bookstores (AND ordered them thru Amazon, which is a whole other obsession story).   But yeah, there I was for the midnight release. Only four hours early, and not the first in line.  Turned out tho that I was first in to my particular theater, which is cool.

HP6 was my second favorite book.  OOTP was my first favorite (HP5).  I wasn’t over excited about the way that the OOTP movie was handled, but that’s neither here nor there. I was super excited to get to see Snape as a broody badass, and the way that Hermione stewed over the way Harry became the number one potions kid and did her best to find out all she could about this Half Blood Prince character, and Moaning Myrtle getting gooey over Draco and the frustrations of the Order as Harry insisted over and over that Draco (and Snape!) were up to something and then that awesome like four chapter fight scene and the funeral… REALLY excited for the funeral.



The decision to skip ALL Order involvement in the book (Luna finds/fixes Harry from the train, really? and her wackspurt glasses actually showing them and that’s how she found Harry, extra really?) and Hermione’s indignation and Harry’s cheek (how exactly was it that he remembered the beozar to save Ron’s life in the movie? O yeah, we have no idea) and then put in the extra scene just baffled me.

Um, they burned down the Burrow. For like, no good reason.  The best part about that?  They burned down Ron’s house and then forgot about it ten minutes later.  Like burning down your house is no big deal.  I mean, I get why they put in the chase scene with the field (I guess) – they needed more Bellatrix because Helena Bonham Carter needed more screen time or something. But it didn’t FIT. And then they all just … forgot it happened.

And all the mystery trying to figure out what it was that Draco was doing?? Well for one they just skipped over the whole thing about Harry trying to follow him around everywhere (and what? no Kreacher or Dobby???) but the MOST unforgivable thing about it was that they GAVE AWAY the secret in the first part of the movie. They totally showed exactly what Draco was doing. Obnoxious.

I will say, Ron Weasley was a hilarious character in this movie.  Rupert did an excellent job, I’m so very proud.  But they did to HP6 what they did to Public Enemies, only WAY worse.  They turned it into a love story.  I mean, the love story stuff was the subplot to underline Harry’s ability to love being the way he’d beat Voldemort.

Wait, he’s supposed to beat Voldemort through love? How would we know that? They left that part out too.

Actually I’m really worried for poor Harry come the 2-part last movie.  If you go by what was provided to us in the movie, the poor guy has no idea what the other Horcruxes are, or even how many are left, or the fact that he needs to continue to find them.  I mean, they’re gonna have to have two parts to the finale because the first part has to be where Harry learns all of the stuff that they left out of HP6.  Dumbledore didn’t tell Harry ANYTHING he needed to know for the final battle before he died.

Oh yeah. Dumbledore died. Course, they didn’t bury him. Just sorta, ended. Lame. The funeral was a great scene. Especially the second confrontation with Scridgemour.  Oh wait. They can’t have a second confrontation if they didn’t have a FIRST. Cuz, they left that part out too. And Harry being Dumbledore’s man through and through. Gone.

And Fleur? Not in the movie.

And Bill getting mauled? Not in the movie.  Actually Bill wasn’t in the movie at all.  And the mystery about Tonks? Also not in the movie.

Really part of me wants to go through the book and list out everything that wasn’t in there, and then go see the movie again and list out everything that they added that wasn’t in the book. And then compare that to what happened in the next book and how it won’t work… but really, who has that kind of time? This was just stuff from the top of my head that I can think of thru my 3 hours of sleep. 🙂

But yeah, Ron being all in wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuub kinda cracked me up.  And the Felix scene where Harry was kinda drunkish? Cute and funny. So it passed. Plus its a HP movie so I like it on principle.

But it still pissed me off.

Also! We thought we were going to get a preview of Alice in Wonderland. That was a no-go. Which was too bad, instead we got a preview for Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.  One of my favorite books as a kid.

BUT OMG. (sorry, more spoilerishness)

Cloudy was cool because it was set in this alternate world where they had ALWAYS had food as weather, and then when it went all crazy they had to leave to go to a world more like ours where they had to learn to grocery shop and stuff, which was COOL.  But the new Cloudy apparently has normal weather til some guy invents something that makes the weather the food. WTF? Pointless.

ok, rant over.  🙂