I’ve joked a lot about getting my teaching certificates now that I’m going back to school so that I could be a teacher and then have the summers off, because I miss having a summer vacation so very much.  Course, we all know that’ll never happen, because as fas as I know, schools are still full of kids. 🙂 O well!  If only other jobs were Fall/Winter/Spring only… then we could all have a summer break.

However, this year I’m sort of pretending to have a summer vacation. So far it’s working pretty well.  Last night was No Doubt.  I hadn’t seen No Doubt in concert since 1996, so it was a total flashback evening for me.  Plus we had lawn seats in the formerly-known-as-world-music-theatre in Tinley Park, which is where I’d spent many a summer vacation in my time.  I mean, HORDE fest and the original touring lallapalooza (remember when they toured?) and show after show after show. I used to have a book of all the tickets from all the concerts I’d seen at each venue, but one night I added up how much $$$ I’d been spending at shows (never do this when you’re broke) and got annoyed and tossed the book.  Whoops.

ANYWAY – went to the show yesterday with Leslie (@flobear100) and her boyfriend Jamie (@westerjt) and Jess (@bayjb).  It was a good group for a road trip.  Totally way fun, even if we did get a little turned around on the way there, but what’s a drive without some lost? Plus the first opener for No Doubt was Bedouin Soundclash.  They’re a ska/reggae band from Toronto (wooo downtown Canada!) and I LOVE their ’07 album Street Gospels. Yeah, they’re the real reason I went to see the show. I mean, seeing No Doubt was totally awesome and nostalgic and great, but Bedouin was what brought me there.  And they sounded really good. Course, I heard MOST of their set from the will call line.  What a mess that was. But! Ran into friends in the line so alls well and stuff, right?  I love randomness like that.

So today is movie day. And then I should do a lil laundry and pick up a bit, and maybe some reading. All in all I think it’s a fun day.  Mom n Dad are coming up on Friday to see the symphony in the park.  I’m supposed to go to the first night of Pitchfork, but I may bail on Friday night to see them instead.  And then Sat/Sun are Pitchfork.  Most likely just follow Joey around because he knows all the best bands and out of the whole Sat/Sun lineup I think I’ve heard of three bands.

The weekend after that is the trip to Boston with Amy (@amyjfisher).  As much as I detest tourists in Chicago, I’m rather looking forward to being one in Boston.  Irony, thy name is Rachel.  However, I pledge to not be an idiot tourist.  Or at least, to TRY to not be one.  🙂 We’ll see.

So yeah, kinda like summer vacation what with finding stuff to do.  Okay not really, but I’m doing my best here, yeah? 🙂  Plus the SKA SCARF is finally finished (yay!) so it’s time to start a new project.  Still not really sure what I want to do. I was thinking a hooded shrug, but will most likely just do another scarf. 🙂