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Most energy drinks have catchy names.  Perhaps this one is NOT named with a catchy name in order to make it more… catchy?  The target brand, Archer Farms, has a line of energy drinks.  Far as I can tell, they’re name Energy Drink.  Fun, huh?  Or maybe the name is “juice infused”?  I can’t tell.  So we’re just calling this one Archer Farms.

First off, this flavor is called ‘tropical’.  It should be called ‘tastes like can’ – because that’s the overwhelming taste.  Sure it’s somewhat more energy-friendly since it’s the slightly thinner aluminum can, but it sort of tastes like chewing on tinfoil feels. Yeouch.  Once you get past the metallic taste there’s an undertone of fruit punch (yay! I loooove fruit punch) but the metal just kills any good tastiness it may have had.

Bonus points though because 1 can = 1 serving, and you don’t see that very often.  Sure, it’s 12 ounces instead of 16, but still.  One serving per can is really the truth, so why not list it that way?

servings per container: 1
total calories in can: 80
caffeine amount: 70mg
taurine amount: 10mg
vitamins n junk: ginseng extract, vitamin C (100%), vitamin B6, vitamin B12, calcium, 40% juice (although due to poor planning on the printing, it LOOKS like it says 40% juice root extract… which is weird)

price: around $2 (I think, I can’t find the receipt, oops)  at the Target at Roosevelt

Initial taste:  gross metal taste

Claim to fame: juice infused

so here’s the scoring for this drink (five star scale) :

– Taste: *
– Jitters factor: *
– OFS (other fun stuff): *
– Packaging: *
overall rating: *

Final thought:  yay for one serving, but it isn’t a serving I’d have again, so FAIL

like chewing on tinfoil

like chewing on tinfoil