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Again with the purple energy drinks!  Thankfully it’s one of my favorite colors.  I swear, if they come up with a hot pink glitter energy drink I don’t care WHAT it tastes like, I’m buying it by the CASE.  (you hear that, marketing types? HOT PINK GLITTER DRINKS.  thanks)

So then back to it.  Amp as we know is a mt dew drink, and I love mt dew.  TRACTION is noted to have a CHARGE OF GRAPE.  What they really should put on here is:  Tastes like POPSICLES.  Cuz it totally does.  Which is fantastic.  I looooooove grape popsicles, and this is exactly what it tastes like.  Yummy.

servings per container: 2
total calories in can: 220
caffeine amount: 160mg
taurine amount: 296mg
vitamins n junk: ginseng extract, guarana seed extract, maltodextrin, riboflavin, d-Ribose

price: $1.50 (on sale 2/$3)  at CVS  (Wells/Jackson location)

Initial taste:  AWESOME tasty grape popsicle!

Claim to fame: CHARGE OF GRAPE.  AMP Energy TRACTION – More Power To You

so here’s the scoring for this drink (five star scale) :

– Taste: *****
– Jitters factor: ***
– OFS (other fun stuff): ***
– Packaging: ****
overall rating: ****

Final thought:  mmmmmmmmmmmmTasty!

too bad it doesn't come frozen on a stick!

too bad it doesn't come frozen on a stick!