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So yeah, today is the National Spelling Bee.  Or as we superdorks call it:  The Bee.  No lowercase letters will do for The Bee. Oh, no.  ‘Tis caps all the way, baby. 🙂

What is it about the Scripps National Spelling Bee that draws me in?  It certainlyisn’t so that I can commisserate with my fellow spellers.  Oh dear god no.  My spelling is atrocious.  Thank the gods that be for spell check.  Actually I’m not sure why I love The Bee so much, I just do.  Maybe it’s because I like to see the kids concentrate so hard.  Maybe it’s because I like to see them get that sense of accomplishment.

Okay okay, I’ll admit.  It’s because I like to giggle at them.  Cuz COME ON, they’re hilarious!  I mean, sure it’s cool… but then you get contestants like EVAN O’DORNEY from a few years back.. and who can forget this interview?

I mean, it’s so awkward it’s PAINFUL.  Painful and hilairous. 🙂

Anyway – you can read all about The Bee here on the Scripps page, follow it on Twitter (@Scrippsbee) or read what they have to say over at throwing things.

And tonight at 7pm CST – tune in to ABC to watch the finals! 🙂  Why not? Might be fun!