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First off today – AMP Overdrive.  While I’m a HUGE mt dew fan (as we all know), the AMP series of drinks kinda freak me out.  There are just SO MANY of them. 🙂 That much choice is daunting.  But it claims an INTENSE HIT OF CHERRY so we’ll see, right?

servings per container: 2
total calories in can: 220
caffeine amount: 160mg
taurine amount: 296mg
vitamins n junk: guarana extract, ginseng extract, yerba mate extract

price: $1.50 (on sale 2/$3)  at7-11 (Wells/Jackson location)

Initial taste:  Well  I don’t know how OMG INTENSE this cherry flavor is, but it does taste like cherry. So points for that.  And it doesn’t suck initially so extra points for that too.  As I continue through the can, it starts to sort of taste like red mt dew, which is okay, but why not just drink red mt dew?  Also, I’m not seeing ANY boost of energy – so I’m rather unimpressed as far as the energy in this energy drink goes.

Claim to fame: TURBO BOOST, Yerba Mate, INTENSE HIT OF CHERRY  Plus they have this written on the can: “Get that extra bump up when you need to shift into a new gear.  It’s loaded with the power of AMP ENERGY, an intense hit of cherry and a specially formulated turbo boost of yerba mate to get you going.  Stay focused and ready for whatever life throws at you.”

Well, I hope the yerba mate proves to be the energy giver in this drink, since this third drink of the week has the least amount of caffeine.  We’ll see.

so here’s the scoring for this drink (five star scale) :

– Taste: ***
– Jitters factor: **
– OFS (other fun stuff): ****
– Packaging: ***
overall rating: ***

Final thought:  Meh.  Not terrible, not great.

not very overdrive-y

not very overdrive-y