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The selection of the afternoon – No Fear MOTHERLOAD… the green version of No Fear, now with SUPER ENERGY SUPPLEMENT

servings per container: 2
total calories in can: 260
caffeine amount: 182MG
taurine amount: 1000MG
vitamins n junk: Vitamin C 300%, B6 300%, B12 300%, Ginseng Extract 50MG, Guarana 50MG, Grape Seed 25MG, Folic Acid 10%, Selenium, Sodium, Potassium, etc etc (basically a lot of stuff)
claim to fame: 300% of Vitamins B6, B12, C

price: $2.69 at7-11 (Wells/Jackson location)

Initial taste:  EW. So gross it’s hard to drink.  But I love you guys, so I’m soldiering through.  Its hard not to be extra critical of MOTHERLOAD since it’s in the No Fear family – original and Bloodorange are my two current favorites of the entire universe of engery drinks (so far anyway) – so to have this flavor suck so much is hard for me.  Makes Rachel sad.  I can’t even really describe the taste.  Supposedly there’s grape seed in here, so maybe this is supposed to be grape?  But the ingredients also list GLYCEROL ESTER OF WOOD ROSIN so maybe what I taste is… sap? GROSS.

But the website is kinda fun.  And they DO know how to merchandise.  And No Fear has long been a staple of high energy rednecks with big trucks, so maybe THAT’S why I like it so much.  Who knows.  What I know is, I WANT to like this drink.  But it TASTES GROSS.  Shame on you, no fear. Cuz, EW.

Although I should note that I finished it.  And the taste actually improved further down the can.  Either that or I just got used to it.  Doesn’t really matter which, the important thing is that NOW IT IS GONE. (yay)

so here’s the scoring for this drink (five star scale) :

– Taste: negative **
– Jitters factor: **
– OFS (other fun stuff): *****
– Packaging: ****
overall rating: **

MOTHERLOAD or MOTHERLAME? (o wow. I am SO not clever, sorry)

MOTHERLOAD or MOTHERLAME? (o wow. I am SO not clever, sorry)