or – Since We All Know I Drink Enough Caffeine To Kill A Small Country, Why Not Investigate It?

… or… in which Rachel rampantly abuses the Shift Key. 🙂     …just kidding.  (kinda)

No but seriously folks. I’m a caffeine junky.  It’s bad. But I can’t help it.  Normally I just load up on Mt Dew and lots of sugar… but over the years I’ve added other products to that list.  When they introduced Water Joe, I was ALL OVER that.  Seriously.  Nothing says tasty afternoon drinkytime like tang made with Water Joe.

I sorta skipped over the Red Bull craze and right into No Fear.  I mean, it’s got a skull with wings as the logo!  Who could resist?

But there are SO MANY options out there.  So I figure I’ll start working my way through them.  We’ll see how far I get before I explode.

But I need your help!  What are your favorites? Which ones should I try?  Which ones are like, so super gross you think I should drink them?  (you know, the whole, OMG THIS IS GROSS – TRY THIS mentality – c’mon, we all do it)  Where can I find the really weird ones?  Let me know what you think! I love audience participation!

First up will be:  Blade Energy