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First off – this morning’s selection:  Blade Energy

The first thing I noticed was that I couldn’t tell who makes it.  Normally there’s a website or company information or something on the side by the Nutrition Facts section – but all this says is “Distributed by Advanced Healthcare Distributors, LLC”… am I the only person who thinks that’s kinda creepy? Okay, probably I am. 🙂

servings per container: 2
total calories in can: 240
caffeine amount:  doesn’t say in the Nutrition Facts box  <- this is suspect
– listed as 240MG
taurine amount: doesn’t say <- this is also suspect
vitamins n junk:  B3 90%, B6 240%, B12 80%, B5 45%
claim to fame:  Taurine (of course) and B Vitamins.

price: $2.19 at CVS (Wells/Jackson location)

Initial taste:  Some sort of sour candy flavor, which is always good, but with a somewhat dusty aftertaste, like maybe candy that your grandma found at the bottom of her purse.  Which is weird, yes, but not really bad.  The flavor stayed the same through the whole can, which was good, sometimes the taste goes all wonky at the bottom, but this one didn’t.  Overall I’d say the flavor was okay.  Nothing to write home about, but not the best I’ve had.

What bugs me though is that Blade Energy is kind of the mystery drink.  Is the Blade in question the movie/TVshow Blade?  Is it some strange Bladerunner throwback?  Is there a knife involved?  Who could tell?  The mystery progresses to the Nutrition Facts section – why no mention of the taurine or the caffeine?

so here’s the scoring for this drink (five star scale) :

– Taste: ***
– Jitters factor: ****
– OFS (other fun stuff): ***
– Packaging: *
overall rating: ***

note:  I finally found the caffeine content at the bottom of the can under the Please Recycle section. LAME.

the mystery drink - final thought:  meh.

the mystery drink - final thought: meh.