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Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I was supposed to post like a week ago. I’m a jerk, sorry about that.  BUT! Here’s an update:

I don’t have cancer! <– this makes me happy

– so about a month ago I had a drs appt for just like, a regular checkup.  lots of blood work and a ladybits check and some other stuff.  in the course of the appointment the doc discovered something icky about the boobage. Won’t go into what, but lets just say it totally caused a shitton of panic and a mammogram and ultrasound was scheduled for three and a half weeks following the original appointment (the earliest they could get me in).  So then I proceeded to totally freak out and panic for three and a half weeks (thanks! and sorry).  Turns out I’m fine (yay) – just a slight elevation in thyroid levels that caused some wonkiness.  so yay!

I’m totally behind in my homework! <– crap.

– yeah, I’ve let things sorta pile up. oops. so this week will be spent finishing that. was supposed to do more of it over the weekend, but got distracted by …

I’m a marketing GENIUS! <– actually wasn’t me that said that, and I’m not, but it was funny anyway.

– I’ve been working on some fun things for this band i listen to, I Fight Dragons.  They’ve just got such a fun logo and the idea for slap bracelets was just too awesome to not pounce on.  So the first official project for Dance Party Designs (which yes, was supposed to launch online on 5/1, but see above, I’m not done with all my homework yet, and that comes first) has been IFD logo items.  Temporary tattoos (two designs currently, maybe more to come), slap bracelets (still being manufactured, what can i say? I’m slow) and then a couple of different tshirts.  Once these are completed they will be featured over at DPD’s website.  It really is coming, I swear.. if somebody wants to write a couple papers for me for class it’ll come up that much sooner!  no takers? yeah well then you’ll have to wait then. 🙂

It’s that time of year again – who doesn’t love DDR!??!?

– as sad as we all are to see @AndyHannon abandon the midwest for the east coast for a few months (arg, summer break), it IS nice to have a ready-made excuse to throw DDR Part 2!  This will be held at the Hostel on Friday, May 15th.  We’ll have the grill running, so bring anything that you’d like to toss on (and we’ll try really hard to not set anything on fire, honest).  Also our friends Just Hit Record will be playing a set early on so that really classes the party up a bit, yeah?  Rumor has it too that some of the people coming are actually pretty good at DDR, so I guess we’ll have to see ’bout that, won’t we?  As always, dancing is NOT required… but encouraged.  And as we all remember from last time, everybody ended up dancing and having fun anyway.  PLUS if you’re interested, we’ll fire up the dance pads the Saturday before the party for a few hours if anybody wants to get some practice time in. 🙂 cuz we’re friendly like that.

NO MORE REGIS! <– so i guess it could be another excuse to party…

– It’s totally official, regis is gone.  He’s been replaced by the NEWGUY.  NEWGUY doesn’t have a nickname, so I guess we’ll just use his real one.  So now the Hostel is yours truly, Sergi, Alex, and Nayef.  Yup, just me and the dudes. What can I say? boys are superfun. : )


– if i haven’t mentioned it about a bazillion times before, I love Westbound Train.  Can’t help it, they’re just super awesome.  So they’re playing this Thursday, and yes, I’m skipping the Chicago Nerds party with I Fight Dragons to go… which kinda hurts me, but there you have it.   Actually HERE you have it –

Nintendo hates me and wants me to love them.

– yeah, that’s weird.  and YES, I’m STILL trying to beat Super Mario World. Shush. I can’t help it that I suck at video games. it’s just one of those quirks that makes me fun. SHUT UP I’M FUN. yes i am. 🙂  Anyway, I’m torn because I can’t decide if I want a DSlite (cheaper and OMG PINK) or a new DSi (has a camera).  I mean, all I really want it for is to play Mario Bros and Ninjatown.  Also I need to get on ebay and find the Super Mario Bros games for the SNES.  cuz World is just kicking my ass. and it’s sorta depressing.   DAMN YOU MARIO 🙂

There was something else that I was going to talk about… but I’ve since forgotten.


I remember.  MORE PORN.  Remember Sock Porn?  Well it’s not as organized this time around, but May is going to be DOUBLE PENETRATION PORN MONTH.  O yeah.  Mostly just because I wanted to say DOUBLE PENETRATION.  TWICE.  does that make it quadruple penetration?  somehow that’s less fun to say than DOUBLE PENETRATION.

So, by popular demand, we’ll have Friday Toy Porn day!  And no, not sex toys.  Although if anybody wanted to sponsor a sex toy porn day, i’d totally get behind that (see what i did there?).  No, Fridays will be for toys like MLP and lego and rubiks cubes, etc.

And to make the penetration truly DOUBLE PENETRATION, wednesdays will be totally random porn day (mostly because I haven’t really decided what to call it).

so yeah, Enjoy!