… in which we are like Daft Punk in that we are Harder, Better, Faster, AND Stronger.    … or something.

So if you haven’t seen it yet – the Facebook invite for the DDR Part(y) 2 is here – WOOO FACEBOOK.  But not everybody is all FBing it up these days (Yes, I’m looking at you, Dave. Sheesh)… so here’s the pertinent info:

This shindig will be on Friday, May 15.  (Holy Crap on Toast when did it get to be MAY already???)   We’re partying at the Hostel.  Otherwise known as Rachel’s Place.  It’s in Lakeview, right by the Diversey brown line stop.  Across the street from Uncle Fatty’s because I’m classy like that.  Party starts at 8pm, I wouldn’t suggest coming earlier than that because I’m not sure I’ll be there (not that I’d ever leave party prep for the very last minute or anything)….

We’ll have the grill running (as long as it isn’t pouring down rain. SO NO RAINING!) so if you’d like to toss something on the grill, feel free to bring it!  I’ll probably have some steak n chicken n hot dogs (maybe) but no promises. Please no grilling of kittens this time though, it’s not as funny as it sounds, thanks.  We’ll also have some drinky things provided, but if there’s anything in particular you’d be hankering for, best bet would be to bring it along.  We’ll probably also do at least one liquor store run sometime through the evening as well.  Plus I love snacks so you know there will be snacks!

We’ve got a persnickity PS2 and two dance pads (the vinyl kind that come with the game bundles) so if you have a favorite DDR PS2 disc that you want to use, bring it along!  I’ve got a few different versions but I don’t have the DDR MAXs or any of the specialty ones (I have the disney one with Hannah Montana but my PS2 refuses to play it) so if you want to bring those, please do!

In addition to the sheer joy of getting to DDR, DDR Part(y) 2 has a double purpose – it’s also Andy Hannon’s going away party!  We don’t like that he’s leaving, but we DO like getting an excuse to party. (plus its not like he’s not coming back in two months…. I’m not TOTALLY heartless you know!)  So, to send him off we’ll also get a set from his band, Just Hit Record!

So, to recap – DDR Part(y) 2 is at my place on 5/15 and includes:

  • Grilling
  • Snacks
  • Drinks
  • DDR DanceParty!
  • a Live Band Performance
  • and of course, HILARITY and FUN

why would you miss? 🙂

(the answer to that is YOU WOULDN’T)

If you’ve never been to the house and you need directions, I’ll be sending an email through the Facebook event page with directions and such.  You can also, you know, just ask me.