So yeah, as we all know I’m in the market for a roommate replacement.  And Regis sucks. This we know.  But apparently something happened today (still waiting to see what) because I got the following email (names changed to protect my own ass) :


Things have ended very badly with Regis.  I gave him everything he wanted – gave him his security deposit and even a signed contract releasing him from all obligations – without receiving anything back from him.  He gave me his word that he’d sign that contract – but refused to do so.  I had to sign releasing him from any obligations without him signing anything – which puts my and your apartment at risk.  He can do anything he wants, take anything he wants, damage anything he wants, and I have no legal recourse.   I would have NEVER done business this way, but he is a combination of ignorant or just a blatant asshole, and I wanted him out for your sakes.

So just be warned that we have no legal recourse at this point.  I don’t even have a signed release to legally make sure he leaves after the 31st.  But if he’s makes issues – I’ll personally jump on a plane, throw all his stuff out the window, change the locks, and let him sue me.

Make sure that he takes ZERO from the apartment that doesn’t belong to him.  Try to find out where he is going to, so that I can write a letter and advise them not to take him.  If he takes or damages anything, I’m so pissed at him that I’ll pour good money after bad to make his life a living hell.  I can’t stand this prick!

Sorry for venting, but you deserve to know so you can protect yourself.

-world’s most awesome landlord

Yeah. I’m not exactly sure what happened to prompt this email (I’m waiting to hear back from WMAL right now) but from what it sounds like he gave Regis his security deposit back and signed something that said that his lease was terminated with no recourse, but Regis didn’t sign anything to say he was actually leaving. Which could potentially be a problem.

Probably I’m overreacting a bit, but I’m in a mini-panic about my stuff in the apt.  I’ll get over that. Tonight I’m gonna move Metro to Nick’s place b/c there’s already a cage over there and pack up all my electronic equipment and Angel Puppet and move those to another location, and then … well let’s be honest.  After all that I’m gonna go have a drink or six.   Fun times, yeah?