MAN am I glad to be feeling better.  Seriously, having the flu that bad SUCKED ASS.  Fevers of above 102 for multiple days?  Lame and awful. Staying in bed for days at a time only SOUNDS fun when you don’t actually have to do it.  But now! Now I feel much better.  Still get really tired extra fast, but I can start going to the gym tomorrow, so that’s good.

So for a quick update:

1) got to see Dropkick Murphys on Saturday, that was awesome! except for the long coat check line and the horrible girls we stood by and the whole thing with the no-cab-for-miles bit. trifles, really, cuz it was a good show

2) metro decided to come out and play last night which was good because I was really starting to worry about him.

3) there continues to be roommate drama. I think I’ve overheard at least three new conversations all revolving around THE DESK. I’m getting pretty good at ignoring them.

3a) we’re roommate hunting again! I’ve shown the place a couple of times and the landlord as an ad out so I hope to continue to do so. I’d like somebody in by 3/15 – know anybody who wants to move?

3b) we got new roommate #4 to replace Borja.  His name is Alex. don’t know anything about him yet, seems nice enough though

4) guys from iceland or norway or someplace like that do a mean indian dude impression 🙂

coming soon….

* this week is the Watchmen release at IMAX. I’m going to the midnight thursday night show but I really need to reread parts of it.. I  realized that I don’t remember ANYTHING about the plot. oops.

* while I was sick I got started watching Doctor Who. Damnit! Why didn’t you people TELL me how great this show was? I could have been watching it all along! (haha)

* to karaoke or not to karaoke? although i guess it’s really called ‘techeoke’ … but still. should i go?

* school starts in 26 days. i’m totally excited 🙂

* gotta get back on the knitting thing.  maybe on wednesday

okie dokie. that’s about it.  This week I need to organize my bookshelves (yes, I organize them, shush) so I’m sure there’ll be a post on that later on.