I swear I’m like, the biggest baby when I don’t feel well. This week has been the WORST. Monday I had that horrible beginning to feel sorta sick feeling where nothing feels exactly right and your (my) eyeballs itch like crazy. By Monday night I was just laying on the couch being all pathetic, feeling all extra-warm and fevery. Tuesday came the cough and the super sore throat. I only lasted half a day at work on Tuesday and then went home to nap. Couldn’t eat anything (even though I tried, honest…. well, kinda) and ended up just crashing thanks to a couple of Tylenol PMs and some tuck-in magic. Wednesday I couldn’t eat at noonish, that was AWFUL, just trying to spoon soup into me hurt and made me feel gross. I was finally able to eat around three, and by 5pm I had a fever of 102. Talk about horrid. The kind of sick where you can pretty much just lay there and cry. Awful.

So last night I took some NyQuil and crashed again (this time without the tuck in magic, instead to the sweet sounds of silence following a roommate explosion, but that’s another story). This morning it appears that the fever is gone (yay) but now I can only breathe out of one side of my face and my throat hurts. Not like sore, but like shooting pain when I try to swallow. So I’m going to jump in the shower and then call my Dr to see if I can’t get in today. Because this sucks and MUST END.

Anyway, that’s me being a baby when I’m sick. My mom did call to see if I wanted her to just come pick me up and take me home to Indiana with her. And believe you me, I was sorely tempted. But I’m a big girl now (haha) and needed to stay here. ๐Ÿ™‚

later, ya’ll!