I know, it seems like all I do lately is bitch about my horrible roommate situation (at least, it does on Twitter, sorry guys). But, I swear it’s slowly killing me. My migraines are coming back and I feel all pre-ulcerish again. I can’t have this right before school starts, I really can’t. The plan is to just take it one day at a time and try to not be as home as much as I can, which actually really sucks because HE is the one who is the shitty roommate.

The most recent bit of awesomeness was related to me by S. Apparently R is leaving all of his shit in the front room until I move my stuff back into my room. This is because I took back my desk space. Okay, so when I moved into the condo here the four of us who lived here said that we could put our desks into the shared space downstairs since nobody had a room big enough to hold a desk. Seemed to make sense, right? I mean, why not? Of course, I was really the only one who had a desk, but I was totally cool with other people using it as well since it was in the breakfast nook and I didn’t use it much. The deal was simply that you kept it clean and not gross. Well once I decided to go back to school in earnest I decided that I needed my desk back. The only person using it at the time was R, and really it was just a place to store a bunch of gross papers, his laptop, and (SUPER DUPER GROSS) his toothbrush, toothpaste, and retainers. OMG DISGUSTING

So I sent an email and basically said hey guys, I need my desk and chair back (B had my desk chair in his room b/c he had a desk in his room) so please get anything of yours off/out of my desk so that I can bring some stuff down. R of course ignored this email, so when I got home I put all his gross stuff on the bar and his clothes (because he had like three changes of dirty stanky clothes on the rocking loveseat) on the couch. I figured if his clothes were on the couch he’d put them in his room. Also for the record I had to febreeze the CRAP out of the loveseat because we don’t think he actually ever does laundry and the loveseat was full of gross R funk smell. EW.

Well now he’s camped out in the front room. He’s got gross clothes piled on the couch and a towel on a drying rack that’s been there for over a week. Nobody can sit on the couches because his pile of stuff is on one and he is on the other. S had some friends over last week and they wanted to use the PS2 and couldn’t because his shit was everywhere. Lovely, huh? Well I guess S asked R about it and R told him: I will move my stuff when Rachel puts HER stuff in HER room.


So, lets investigate the evidence. I took a couple of pictures of how the apt looks downstairs right now. I didn’t get everything in the picture of the front room because R is (of course) sitting on the couch and I didn’t want to talk to him.
So here is how the front room looks:

front room 1

front room 2

And this is where the desk is that he equates to his mess:


Now keep in mind that the breakfast nook area is around the corner from the front room, you can’t even tell that it’s there untill you’re already on the couches.   And yes, I have several things on my desk.  But see the couch? Totally free of crap.  The couch is a public space.  The desk, on the other hand, is not.

I don’t think that I’m being unreasonable in wanting my desk.  R at one point even said that he was going to buy a desk and put it in the front room and I was like, PERFECT! Do that. I mean, why not?  He lives here too.  I just don’t want him using MY DESK.  But I’d also like to not have his dirty stanky laundry on the couches so that nobody else can sit there.  And I mean, if he wants to have his towel on a drying rack for like, a day, (dunno why he can’t have it in his room, I mean, it’s his laundry) then put it by the wall. Or don’t leave it there a week.  I seriously think I’m going to start taking a picture of the front room every morning when I leave and every night before I go to bed, just to have a record of how long it’s all been there.  I mean, it’s been there for a week or more at this point, but now I’ll have like, photographic evidence. Man he sucks. I wish he’d just move.

You know, even if he just learned how to not be such a dbag of a roommate and learn to respect the public area I’d probably be okay with it.  I don’t expect to be pals with all my roommates like I was with S and Felipe and Eduard and Emily … I mean, B and I weren’t like best friends, but we got/get along.  This guy… I have no idea what his problem is.  But if he could just stop sucking that would be nice.

So anyway – more later I guess.  I hope the more is that we get a replacement or that he stops sucking, but I have a feeling that the more is just going to be another post with a timeline of the filth that is taking over our front room. Yuck.  And its not like I didn’t try to get along with him when he first moved in. I mean, I never liked him. But I tried to be nice.  This is just TOO MUCH at this point.

S *did* say again though that if we found a replacement that R would move the fuck out.  Anybody wanna come live in Lakeview? 🙂