I’m not sure what led up to it, but the first thing I remember was arriving at an airport (that looked  suspiciously like the inside of a Circle-K convenience store) to find my friend Andy, who had called because he was stuck at the airport.  I found him in line at a cashier (yes, a cashier at the airport) and trying to see if he could get a new plane ticket.  He was waving around what looked like a $5 scratch off lotto ticket, which I guess was his plane ticket.  I’m also not sure what city I was in, but apparently I’d flown there.  The cashier told him that he would have to buy a new ticket, but then could mail in his other ticket and would get a refund, but couldn’t tell him how much the refund would be or when he’d get it.  So he bought the new ticket, but the flight was for the next day.  My flight back apparently was for a few hours from then, but he wasn’t going to be able to take the same flight as me.  I walked him out to the carport where a big dark van (rather like a nursing home van) came to pick him up.  I met some of his friends, and away they went.  Then I went back into the Circle-K airport.  Inside, behind the cashiers, there were a bank of vendors, vending machines, a phone booth that was also a photo booth, and some of those seats under warming lamps like you see at L stations.  There were also security people all over, but they were dressed more like Secret Service people moonlighting as bouncers.  So much Ray-Ban.

I sat down near one of the warming stations, next to some security people, to wait for my flight.  While I was sitting there I started checking my messages on my blackberry, but then my blackberry turned into a crumpled piece of paper that somehow was a touch screen and had all my messages in it.  Even in my dream I thought that was weird.  I looked over and saw that people were using the phone/photo booth (which was on the other side of the warming station).  All I could see were legs, and for a bit I was rather fascinated watching just everybody’s legs.  Then I saw a big flash and heard a crackling noise.  I knew that the lady that was currently in the photo/phone booth had spontaneously combusted.  (Hey, it was a dream, you just know things sometimes!)  The lady then fell in the booth, but still all I could see were her legs.  There was a police officer (not the security guys) standing next to the booth, but he apparently didn’t notice that there were legs sticking out of the booth the wrong way.   Eventually everybody noticed the exploded lady and went to help.  I moved where I was sitting on the floor and continued to check my messages on my magic bit of notebook paper.

Next thing I know, I’m getting messages on my paper (and yes, I still thought it was weird that my phone was a bit of paper) from some guy who insisted that I didn’t remember him even though I should.  Apparently the magic paper phone also did IM.  Also, I had no idea who this guy was even though he said I should.  So it seemed perfectly normal to have my mom lean over my shoulder (yup, she was at the airport with me now) to tell me that of course I should remember Bob, and why was I being so mean to him?  Also she said that it was good that I didn’t give up my seat on the plane because I had to go to work.

… then my alarm went off.

I’d blame my crazy ass dream on the drinking, but even sober I have totally effed up dreams. ALSO apparently I’m psychic because I woke up to a tweet from Andy that he’d booked the flight home on the wrong day.  I keep checking my phone, though, and no messages from Bob and it still hasn’t turned into a bit of notebook paper.

In other news, I guess we’re looking for a replacement for Regis. Rock on.