Things that are coming up that are fun:

Tonight: Random meeting of people at Quenchers …. I’ve never been but it sounds like fun and now I may have something to celebrate (see note)

Friday: Date night and I actually have a date (well, so far anyway) of dinner and a movie. AND I’ve requested to not have to pick the place we eat which is good because I’m horrible at making food decisions

Saturday daytime: The plan is to pick a museum and wander, but that’s really dependent on the weather

Saturday evening: Bowling Beers and Babes!

Saturday later: DGB Baby!

Thursday after that: The Lost Cartographers at Reggies

Saturday after that: Dropkick Murphys!

Sounds like fun, no? Should be. 🙂

In other news, rumor has it that Regis wants out. No other word yet, just an IM popup that I got earlier today that stated that B said Regis told him he wanted to leave. On one hand it makes me very happy. In the little paranoid suspicious part of my brain I kinda want to take all my favorite things over to stay at a friends’ house for a few days to see what happens. But I’m just like that I guess. I suppose there will be more to come, but I for one am having a celebratory drink this evening. (wooo)