I came home tonight to what I thought was an empty apartment. An empty apartment FULL OF SMOKE. Like thick smoke that smelled all burned and gross and I was totally shocked that the smoke alarm wasn’t going crazy. First I ran around to make sure that there wasn’t actually anything on fire (this building has burned before, same as the neighbors) and then opened the windows and doors. Then I tried to figure out what happened. First I checked the stove. Obviously I didn’t have to look any further. Sitting on top of the stove was this:


The fire on the burner was off (thank goodness) but the apt was still noxious and full of smoke. As I was opening the doors the boys came home and were just as shocked as I was. Well, turns out that the culprit was actually HOME. His response (not to me, of course) was that there was a little smoke. I have been home for nearly an hour. This pot is still on the stove. It’s chilly in here but the smoke has cleared.

It’s going to be a long spring.