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Good goddamn am I in a good mood.  To be perfectly honest I probably have no good reason TO be in such a good mood, but I am.  Although I suppose I have no good reason to NOT be in a good mood either, but whatever.  It’s GORGEOUS outside (comparatively) and I’m enjoying it.  Also for some reason I’ve got Free Loop (Daniel Powter) running thru my head.  It doesn’t even hardly make sense, but there you have it.

(actually, you have it down here)

I’m a little used to calling outside your name
I won’t see you tonight so I can keep from going insane
But i don’t know enough, I need some kind of lazy day
Hey yeah

I’ve been fabulous through to find my tattered name
I’ll be stewed tomorrow if I don’t leave us both the same
I don’t know enough, I need some kind of lazy day
Hey yeah

It’s hard for me to lose in my life I’ve found
Only time will tell and I will figure out
That we can baby, we can do the one night stand
It’s hard for me to lose in my life I’ve found
Outside your skin, right near the fire
That we can baby we can change and feel alright

I’m a little used to wandering outside the rain
You could leave me tomorrow if it suits you just the same
And I don’t know enough, I need sun when it leaves the day
Hey yeah

Anyway!  What’s going on.. I’m finally a full on DePaul student. Hell yeah!  Student ID and everything. Yes, my picture looks like ass and I forgot to get my email set up, but nobody looks at the picture and I only want the email address for the Facebook group (shush) anyway so who cares.  I get to register for classes on Friday. The plan is to take my Foundations class right away and then also take a fun one. Probably digital photography if I can get in, but maybe an art history class? Still haven’t decided.  Either way it’s gonna be fun. And BUSY.  But if I’m busy with school I won’t have time to let my job annoy and depress me. So GO ME. Rock on.

Also I got my new laptops.  Giselle and bebe.  They’re adorable.  The picture blows and doesn’t really show them much, but I’m gonna take a better one later and post that.  I just wanted to take a moment to introduce the girls.  Giselle is a Dell Studio 17 and bebe is a Dell mini 9.  Yes, Dells.  I feel like a traitor, but there you have it.  I economized, and I LIKE it. I’m still sort of getting used to the keyboard on the mini, it’s a little different and I apparently have ham-sized fingers (who knew?).   Here’s the less-than-awesome picture of the girls:

hello ladies

Also since Giselle has a built in webcam, I’m thinking that I may try this whole vlog thing that I’ve been hearing about.  MAYBE.  We’ll see.  Would anybody watch? Do I care? Well, no, not really. Such is life. 🙂

ANYWAY – that’s all for now.  In the meantime, go entertain yourself by voting on a name for Andy’s uke (vote for Odin, its the coolest name ever) HERE!

OR go read about how my friend Jeff threw the hottest birthday party ever. I mean, what party rocks that doesn’t include FIRE???

Okay. Enough pimping my friends (for now)!  GO OUTSIDE! It’s lovely out.