first night of new beginnings…

1) had to work, but work was being annoying and stupid

2) internet went out

3) nick hated house and made me watch wrestling

4) like three people are not speaking to me  now, a couple more have told me that I’m an idiot, and someone actually said they were starting an ‘i told you so’ pool.

5) my allergy flared up this weekend and the medication isn’t helping at all – in fact, may be making it WORSE so i’m all uncomfortable.

6) I’m totally behind with what i’m supposed to do for work and it’s annoying

…. so yeah. great first night.  Okay listen. it’s nice to feel wanted. nobody else wanted me and he did and was willing to try to work with me to make shit work. i’m sorry if that’s terrible or whatever but do we really need to try and make me feel bad about the fact that somebody actually likes me? i mean REALLY?

i’m going to bed.