I started this post with the best of intentions and have deleted it six times already.  I’m not really sure what to say here – I feel all off today.  Maybe not enough sleep – maybe just because Saturday was so fun that Sunday would of course be a bit of a letdown.  Not really sure.  I’m hoping that Monday is better…. And you know it’s bad when you’re looking forward to a *Monday*.  Well, at least you know it’s bad when the person looking forward to a Monday is ME.  Cuz I never do that.

So – what do I need? Probably nothing.  What would I like? A hug.  I should count my blessings, yeah? Had a great birthday party – my friends are so fun.  Getting my new laptop on Tuesday probably. Have kickass new hair colors.  Looks like Heroes is gonna be awesome tomorrow.  See? Life is good. And yet –

I. Need. A. Hug.

….. maybe tomorrow will be better.