So yay! Last night was my birthday dinner with the fam and nick and then the nacho tweetup (and wow. drunkenness).  BUT – mom brought me a TON of pictures from when I was a lil’ kid up through high school.  I don’t have a scanner right now, but when I have access to one I’m gonna scan ’em all and make a photo album of me being a dork through the ages. Just because that’s the sort of thing I do.

But just as a tease – I took a couple of pictures of the pictures for your gigglin’ pleasure.

I'm the second one on the right - no idea how old I am there.

I'm the second one on the right - no idea how old I am there.

So this is a photo with a group of kids that all hung out together probably from before I could walk til jr high when we all decided we were too cool to hang out with the kids of our parents’ friends.  I’m the second one on the right with the short boy hair and the tiny blue shorts.  Fun times.  It’s really blurry (my blackberry sucks) but you get an idea of how fashion-forward I was when I was a young’n.  It doesn’t get any better as I get older, I can assure you of that. 🙂

Jr High

In Jr High I got this great idea of cutting off all of my hair and wearing headbands every day.  Probably saw it on some NKOTB video or something charming like that.   Thankfully my hair grows quickly.  The snake ring though, was an awesome accessory.  It was my secret to how I always won at WAR. 🙂

the three stooges

This is my senior year of HS – that’s me on the left, and then my old best friend Amy in the middle, and then my sister on the right.

And last but not least, I leave you with a picture of me in my prom finery.  I actually went to prom twice – but I think there are only pictures of the first time.  I was a sophomore and my date was a senior.  When I went the second time I was already out of high school and dating a senior and was like, made to go.  My sister has yet to forgive me for what she considers ‘me crashing her senior dances’.  Like I had any choice.  🙂  So yeah – me in my prom dress (this was before I got contacts – sexy).


(these will be like, less blurry when they’re scanned and not just snapped.  MAN I’m an insufferable narcissist.)