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I’m supposed to be getting ready to leave for my haircut.  I’m tired and don’t feel like getting up yet.  Instead I’m sitting here listening to Deal’s Gone Bad.  Obsessed much?  Probably.  Tonight I’m supposed to go to dinner with the fam and nick for my birthday, but mom called last night to say that things with grandma are bad and weird again and vented for a long time about things and long story short is that the hospital system sucks ass and even tho grandma can’t move hardly on her own and grandpa can’t take care of her and grandma’s prolly got pneumonia again the hospital may just release her today.  Which is stupid.  Which also means that dad may have to deal with that today, which would also mean no birthday dinner for me.  I’m trying to not be upset by that.  Yes, I know it’s totally selfish. Yes, I know this means I suck.  BUT – *sigh.  I want grandma to be better, but she’s never really gonna be all better.  But I’d also like some normalcy damnit.

So instead of getting ready to leave I’m sitting here being .. not depressed… just, tired.  So I made a wordle thingie for Movin’ On since it’s what I’m listening to.  See?

Ok. I should go get ready now.  Maybe I’ll take a picture afterwards! 🙂