… but I’m all twitchy today.  Shouldn’t be.  Today should be a good, easy day.  Not a whole lot going on at work, meeting and training wise… just the usual Monday meetings.  And tonight – first night of class.  But instead – I got like, NO sleep last night. Couldn’t hardly get out of bed today (shocking), and right now it’s all I can do to not like, go postal on everybody I see.

I thought at first that maybe it was nerves – like, super nervous about school or something – and maybe that’s what it is – but it sucks and I hate it.  (see? there we go again with the hate).  Maybe I’ll just plug in the ol’ crazy ipod and listen to some Queen and some of the Rickster playing piano.  Maybe that’ll help.  We’ll see.

But I’ll take this opportunity to apologize in advance to anybody that I annoy the crap out of today.  Usually when I get all twitchy like this I try to just blather on to people – but my usual random chat recipients seem to all be unavailable today – which could spell disaster for the rest of you.

Hopefully it goes away soon.