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like you really need an excuse to play DDR ?

So yes – my birthday is approaching – so it seemed like a good reason to have a party.  Course, the party isn’t actually ON my birthday, but so what!?!  It’s an inverse party.

There’s a facebook invite – but I know not everybody is on FB (silly rabbits) so here’s the details here as well:

Place:     My House – email me if you need the address / directions / etc.  or leave a comment with your email address or phone number or whatever.  Basically it’s at Diversey and Sheffield in Lakeview (across the street from Uncle Fatty’s, half a block from the Brown Line stop)

When:  Saturday, Jan 31 – starts at 7pm – ends whenever you feel like leaving.  I’m a big fan of open house type parties – so come whenever you want and stay til we kick you out. Or pass out on the floor, don’t really care. 🙂

What’s involved exactly?
– drinks
– food
– cake
– drinks
– stuff on the grill (if it’s not frozen)
– laughing at drunks try to play DDR
– also it looks like we may be adding a movie showing to the list of fun stuff. Be prepared for ‘Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter’!
– I asked nicely and it looks like Andy is going to be playing some stuff on his guitar too.  Also somebody said they’d sing! It’s a DDR and talent show extravaganza!

Anyway – I know it’s early but the way that weekends go ’round here it’s better to get the date in early, right?

Also – feel free to bring your friends… the space isn’t HUGE but it’s not tiny – plus we have a balcony – plus there’s a bar across the street so if you get bored you can always pop over there. 🙂

ALSO PLEASE NOTE: I know that not everybody is all about the DDR thing.  You won’t have to dance if you don’t wanna. It’s not fight club.  If it were – I wouldn’t be able to talk about it, right?  But I am also gonna have practice times – so like, if you wanna playy DDR but don’t want the first time to be at the party – c’mon over to my place on Sunday Jan 11 – I’ll be practicing ALL DAY LONG so any time is fine!  Also if you wanna try it out some other day just comment and I’m sure I’ll be around then too. 🙂