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So we all know that as mentioned before, I’m having a party for my birthday on 1/31 – and this party (among other things) is going to be a DDR EXTRAVAGANZA.  I mean, come on – it’s got it’s own FB event and everything. 🙂

But I know that some of you may want a little practice before the big night – plus I have songs to unlock. SO! I’m gonna open up the hostel to anybody that wants to come and practice.  I only have one dance pad right now – so nobody has to actually challenge anybody just yet… but it’ll be a good/easy way to get back into the swing (stomp?) of things before everybody is watching and fueled by lots of booze and sugar (and nachos).

I wasn’t sure what night would work for anybody tho – so… POLL TIME.  What day would you like to come practice DDR-ing it up?  Let me know!

(ps – these dates I’m sure will not be the only dates – I have it hooked up nearly all the time so really if you just want to swing by and play that’d be totally cool also)