I feel like I should start keeping track of what these dreams are – so real quick – this is what I remember (before I lose it).

First Joe had his usual apartment, only it was a three bedroom instead of one. He lived there with my new guy roommate (didn’t like him either) and Johnny. Johnny had since broken up with his fiance and moved here to Chicago.  For some reason I’d been at mom n dads – so I drove to Chicago in mom’s car.  The reason I gave was to just go home, but I knew it was because I needed to see Johnny.  Also – my friend Sarah was going to go on a date with Joe – but it was just to meet Johnny so that she could date him. He knew it – she knew it – everybody knew it.  So there I was with mom’s car in Joe and Johnny and newguy’s place.  For some reason I had my dad’s cell phone, which was an old weird flip phone.  Only it was broken so I had to use Joe’s hone to text my office to say I wouldn’t be in that day (because somehow then it was like 1030 in the morning).  Afterwards I tried to talk to Johnny – but he wasn’t interested in talking to me. Like, I would enter the room and he’d leave.  Finally I tried to open the conversation by talking about his upcoming date with Sarah.  And after he explained that no, he wouldn’t be going on a date with her – he was enjoying being single – then I felt like I needed to leave.

Got back in the car and drove to mom n dad’s.  Next thing I know I’m at some sort of outdoor fair thing looking at cassette tapes with mom. She’s handing me cassettes to look at and discussing how hot she thinks Bon Jovi is. Also finding pictures of people from my high school between the tapes and telling me how each of them have finally come out.  We see Sarah’s mom, who is going to buy plane tickets, somewhere, only she can’t because she has no money left on her credit card.  Before she could ask for a new card to use from my mom, mom leads me to the other side of the aisle, which is full of vegetables.  My grandfather is there shopping for peppers. I ask mom why she isn’t at the funeral, which was supposed to be that morning. She tells me that great grandma was flighty and of course nothing she plans goes as expected.  I try to explain to her why I had her car, because I thought she’d be at the funeral – and mom looks at me and says don’t worry – we don’t expect anything of you either. You’re just like her.

I’m suddenly back in the apartment, stacking soaps like that look like candy in the bathroom.  Johnny pokes his head in and says that he came back for me, but now that he’s here he’s not interested any more.  Joe comes in and gives me his phone and leaves.  I’m standing in the bathroom, a phone in one hand and the soaps in another, when the new guy comes in wearing nothing but a thong.  He makes a show of leaning over to start the tub and to show off the thong when I wake up.

Strange dreams aren’t that unusual for me – but I haven’t had a cast like this in them for a while.  Didn’t eat anything weird before bed, but I was extra tired. Plus feel asleep listening to an old album written for me by someone that I hadn’t listed to in a along time. So yeah. Fucked up.  I’m pretty sure there was more – I’m getting flashes of driving a small car along a sidewalk and getting stuck in the mud, but I can’t figure where that fit in.  This has been your daily dose of Rachel’s crazy mind. Enjoy!