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I know, I know – this time of year is when you’re supposed to like, do a year in review.  All the things about what happened in 2008 and all of your plans / hopes / dreams for 2009.  There was good and bad in 2008 and I’m sure there will be both good and bad in 2009.  And that’s about it.  I know it’s generic – but last night was weird… not because of anything I did (nope, stayed in and watched Batman movies and played Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe all night – but because it seemed like other people were having such a horrible / weird / awful time.  Everybody puts such a huge amount of pressure on New Years Eve – how can it not fail miserably lots of the time?  I’m worried about my friend… he had a rough night last night I think.  Hope to talk to him soon.  Also my parents are on their world tour of sorts – which will be hard for everybody too.  I just really want everybody to have a good next few days – I’ll keep my fingers crossed for everyone.

Anyway – today is the first day of ‘Sock Porn January‘ – pictures to come after I hit the gym again. Can’t wait!!