So as you may or may not remember, Christmas Eve was rough for my family.  Well, there’s been some good news. The power is back on for one set of grandparents and everybody seems to be getting along again. (yay!)  My other grandmother has been moved from a hospital room to a rehab center room which is really close to where my she lives with my grandfather, so he can visit – and she’s recovering nicely.  So yeah, much better, right?

So then I get back to work from the holiday to discover that someone stole my laptop from my desk at work. Fuckity fuck fuck. There goes everything I was working on.  I mean, not the biggest tragedy ever but I totally feel stupid and violated and now have to redo SO much work. Yuck.

So then today I get a phone call during my Tuesday morning meeting.  Typically I don’t take calls during meetings, but I saw it was dad’s cell… and well, you know. I worry. Turns out that my great grandmother passed away last night.  We were JUST talking about her last night too.  Damnit.  Sure, she’d lived a good long life (106 years old) and had a lot of fun doing it (U of I grad, totally hilarious, that sort of thing) – but still.  And it’s dad’s side of the family too.  In fact, the very grandmother that is currently recovering in rehab? Yup.  Her stepmom.

Dearest fates? Can you please KNOCK IT THE SHIT OFF NOW?

Anyway – don’t know much of anything yet.  Dad just called like an hour ago (yes, I’m blogging about it already. shut up, it’s what I do).  I guess I’ll just wait and see.  Not sure who all is going to be going to the funeral, or when it would be, or anything.  Mostly now I can just sit here and wait. I hate waiting.

So, hugs to the fam, they all need it.  Here’s hoping for better days in 09, right?