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So yeah.  I mean, number one I’m not entirely sure why I was wide awake at 730am on a Sunday morning – I NEVER get up this early.  My guess is that all of the booze all day yesterday and then the good music and bouncing around at the show and then the chatting before bed put me in the exact frame of mind to get some perfect sleep.  Either that or I touched the window with my arm and THAT woke me up.

Either way, I’m up now.  However, I may not leave bed all day long. I have a few fleece blankets and some pillows and the heat on and a good book or twelve.

Why not leave your bed all day today Rachel? you may ask… this is why:


Yup. You read that correctly.  -5 with a windchill of -30.  I know, it’s a Chicago winter and I should expect this sort of temperature.  And I DO expect it.  Doesn’t mean that I have to A) like it or B) go outside in it.  Although I’m realizing now that I may need to nip out in a bit for some food. Ugh.  The forecast for the rest of the day matches the current temp – maybe I don’t need food all that badly – I’m sure I have soup in the house somewhere. 🙂

Anyway – hope ya’ll are keeping warm!  To my friend in Boston – it’s like 29 there – you may have snow but you have the warm that goes with it!  So shush.  And yes – it’s waaaaaay warmer in San Francisco (a balmy 48!).  Perhaps while I curl up under my fleeces I’ll pretend I’m near one coast or the other.

Try not to go outside if you can help it Chicago – see you when it warms up!