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So at the risk of sounding totally bi-polar, I have been feeling better since this post.  Maybe talking about it (writing, whatever) really did help. Perhaps all I needed was a pity party. Dunno, I’m not going to overthink it, I’m just going to appreciate it while it lasts.

Tonight was the Child’s Play fundraiser over at Plan B.  I sucked royally at Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe (yes, knocked out of the tournament on my very first round, arg).  But it was super fun.  Saw some people that I haven’t in a while, got a line on a new knitting pattern.

Speaking of which, tomorrow is the second Knit Night – which should prove to be as fun as the first – or better!

And it’s been snowing.  Not tons and tons, but enough that my sidewalk was all nice and white (and slippery) on my way home tonight. Looked good – more so because I did NOT fall on my ass. Yay me!

That’s about it.  My heart goes out to Joe, who suffered a loss.  Big hugs to you.  Also I’ll miss my friend who is going home for a month, which is great for him and sucky for everybody else.  What else?  Some fun shows coming up, which should rule.  Also Illinois is full of crooked politicians (duh).  And getting email from old HS friends on facebook is ALWAYS welcome.

So that’s all – happy Tuesday!