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So, Rachel, what did you do last night?

Who, me?  Oh, well I spent an hour and a half  playing at the Lego store.



Yup.  I sure did.  A solid hour and a half with my friends Joe and Amy – running around the Lego store like a big kid with stars in my eyes and plans in my head.  Plans for a big epic battle to be fought on the floor of my front room (although perhaps the desk in the breakfast nook would be more practical).  

First though, let me just tell you – I *LOVE* the Lego store at Nordstrom’s.  And the guys that work there totally put up with me asking a bazillion questions about number of pieces and what sets were available and all sorts of things – so they get major props too. (Next up is to take a trip out to Legoland in Schaumburg – I checked, there’s a way to get there on public transit – I just have to convince somebody to go with me.)


R2D2 made from Legos!

R2D2 made from Legos!

I didn’t actually get anything StarWars themed – I really wanted the Millennium Falcon – but the damned thing is like $500 – and honestly it won’t go with my Epic Battle scene so I had to make a choice.  But I’m hoping that they build one at the Nordstrom’s store soon, then I can come visit it. 


So what is this epic battle you ask?  Well here’s the plan.  They have a new set of Legos out – the Pirates!  You may remember the pirate legos from back in the 80s and 90s, but they were (sadly) discontinued.  But now they’re back!  And a lot of them are pretty close to the same as the originals, which is cool.  Also they have a set called Castles – which is really skeletons and trolls and knights.  Totally kickass. There’s a ship for the Castle set as well as the Pirate set (perhaps you can see where I’m going with this?).

So here’s the plan:

The Castle ship, peopled entirely with the trolls from the Castle set, vs. the Pirate ship, modified to have black sails and peopled entirely with skeletons wearing the Pirate garb.  I’m SO SO SO excited about this. It’s going to be amazingly fun.

Of course, I don’t HAVE any of the ships yet, but that doesn’t matter – the plans are in place!  Watch out world (or rather, desk in the breakfast nook)! This battle will be fierce!