But it’s SO MUCH FUN!

Okay – so what do I have coming up?


Knit Night at my place. I’ll admit – I’m semi-nervous about having people over.  I’m sure it’ll go swimmingly, but still.  *jitters*


Lego store.  Yay for new Lego Pirates!


They Might Be Giants (maybe) – they’re at the Metro and there are still tickets available.  Nick and I saw them last year (ish) at the Brew and View.  At least, I think that’s where we were.  It was flipping cold in there is really the most that I remember about the location.  At least the Metro is familiar. He’s still deciding – I told him that those tickets are on him if he wants to go.  I’m sneaky like that.


Edgar’s karaoke meetup.  Isn’t exactly a ticket show… but I’m not splitting hairs today.

Saturday 12/20:

Todd Hembrook and the Hemispheres – now that I finally managed to remember to get tickets to the show (thanks, Mitch) I’ll actually go.  It’s at the Bottom Lounge, which is kind of a PITA to get to from my place, but whatever.

Sunday 12/28:

Deals Gone Bad and The Drastics – at the Metro (again!).  Oh sure, technically it’s a Mustard Plug show, but that’s not why I’d be there.  Not entirely sure about this one -family obligations and all.  But I’ve got tickets so it’s on the list!

Saturday 2/28:

Dropkick Murphys at the Congress.  SO SUPER EXCITED about this show.  Dunno who I’m gonna convince to go with me yet – but I’m totally there.  Yay, bagpipes!


Okay, so when I write it all down like that it doesn’t seem like as much going on – but it sure did in my head. And damnit, that’s what counts!


In other news I seem to be being stalked on Facebook by an ex employee, or someone posing as said ex employee.  Maybe later I’ll post the emails just to be a pain.  I suppose that’s what one gets for being social.