Also, I was unable to think of a cute and creative title for this post, so I apologize for the whole “in which blah blah blah” overdone title.


This is not going to be a pity party post. I don’t think that those are a good idea, and I try to stay away from them. That being said, I understand that I’ve been difficult to get along with lately.  The only thing that I can figure is that I’m in a down period.  It happens sometimes.  I have both Seasonal Affective Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder (although really, next to various forms of Aspergers – it’s the internet! Who online *doesn’t* have some sort of weird personality disorder thing??).  That being said – sometimes I’m not fun. I try to be though, honest.  I haven’t been on any medication for either issue since my early twenties, and nearly ten years later I think I’m doing okay.


It’s just that sometimes, I’m a bit prickly.


The funny thing with that is that I think that my hedgehog, Metroplex, has some of the same issues. He’s SO CRABBY lately. Totally not fun to play with or anything.  Just sort of meh and hard to hold.  Only where I just get kinda scritchy… he’ll make your hand bleed.  Ouch.


Therefore, I’m going to make a list.  These are the things that I am going to do to make myself feel better:


1) Clean my room.  I do better when I have a clean living space. Right now I’m all cluttered and it’s bothering me.  This includes doing the laundry and totally scrubbing down the upstairs bathroom – since right now I’m the only one using it.

2) Get organized about school.  Actually I’m partway there anyway – I sent in my registration for class earlier this morning – I will need to confirm tomorrow that I’m in the section I wanted.

3) Be around other people. I’m working on that too – I’m going to lunch with friends tomorrow afternoon and going to D&B Friday night.  Also working on the knitting circle so that should be fun.  A little bit of socialness without the really stressy parts of either not knowing anybody or having it be way too many people.

4) Hug my mom and dad and sister.  Yay for family stuff – thank goodness Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  I get some ready made family time that I’ve been missing.

5) Actually GO TO THE GYM.  This will require 

5a) Go to bed at a reasonable time so that I can get up early in order to do number 5.


Once I do that then I get to do number six, which is 

6) Upgrade my laptop with the new RAM that thankfully wasn’t stolen by neighborhood ne’er do wells and get to killin’ stuff in WoW.  But I’m not allowed to do the WoW stuff until I’ve made it to the gym at least once.  So to both of my guilds, I apologize in advance, but I have to do this.


Having a list to concentrate on will help to alleviate my mood issues – which will be nice.  I have SO many things that I want to do, but I just can make myself do any of them. Which then frustrates me and makes my mood worse.  Stupid vicious cycles.  Hopefully I won’t have pushed away all the great new people I’ve been meeting recently.  🙂


So here I go.  Watch out, world.  The old fun Rachel is on her way back.