So you may or may not have heard of this game, called World of Warcraft. It’s what you call an MMORPG, which is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.  Basically a whole lotta people sitting in front of their computers for hours on end, killing dwarves and elves and stuff, while chatting online with people from all over.

Needless to say, I am a VERY big fan of this game. ☺

I, however, am what they call a “casual” player.  The WoW Wiki defines “casual” as: generally a term for MMOG players who play occasionally (less than 20 hours a week) and like rulesets that make the game easier and more fun. Often used in contrast to the term hardcore.  Basically this means that I play for a couple of hours every few days, plus some on the weekends. I don’t do raids – which involve a lot of group play and having to play attention to things – mostly I just run around on my own and kill stuff or pick flowers.

There is one thing that I really like that is more from the “hardcore” category than the “casual” category.  And that is expansion release night.  I ADORE expansion releases. Especially when there’s a Collector’s Edition to be had. Because I also love the Collector’s Edition. It’s got extras! And an in-game pet that doesn’t do anything but look cool! And sometimes a mousepad and DVDs and all sorts of swag.  I love swag.

So yeah, I may not take an entire week of work off as vacation days following an expansion release – but I’ll be at the midnight release party at my local GameStop.

Release parties are fun.  Tonight’s was no different. The game is officially released as of midnight, but of course I’ve had the preorder of the Collector’s Edition since September 17th, which was like, the third day you could preorder the CE.  First there was a line to get in to the GameStop – that was somewhat surprising since we got there just before 10pm, but not completely outside the realm of possibilities.  After paying the rest of the balance on the preorder and doing some wandering around, of course then we went to the Golden Nugget restaurant across the street to kill more time and have some snacks. Then the fun part.

The fun part is when you stand around for an hour in line to get in line to get your game.  At this point I realized that yes, I am the ONLY GIRL IN LINE.  There was another girl in the store that showed up at the last minute to gossip with her friend who was in line ahead of me, but she doesn’t count.  So yeah, just me representing the girl gamers. At least, that’s what I thought at the time.

After the hour was up, and the clock struck midnight, we got to pick up our games.  I was the first to pick up the CE, which was surprising, even though I was like number eight in line.  Plus a poster! I’m in love with the poster.  Clutching my great big CE pack to my chest then I booked it the six or so blocks back to my apartment. As I write this, I’m actually still installing the expansion on my computer.

What was really nice to notice, was on the way out of GameStop there were about another fifty or so people waiting in line to pick up their games.  And in that group of people? Girls!  Like two or three of them. I was pleased to see that my gender was at least a little bit represented.  I know girls play – which is why I’m always amazed that there are so few of them around at the geeky things I like to go to.

For the record, it’s called the Wrath of the Lich King, and it’s AWESOME to behold. Plus it’s all icy blue.  The CE has not only the game, but some of the TCG cards, and the soundtrack, and a behind the scenes dvd.  My three favorite things though are the book of art, which is BEAUTIFUL, the mousepad that has the new land areas on it, and the new in-game pet.  I love the vanity pets. I really wish you could have like six of them following you around at once. That would be fabulous.

Technically my laptop actually shouldn’t run WoW:WotLK – the cpu is too slow and I don’t have enough RAM.  The RAM part I’m taking care of next week (my poor ibook G4 is so old I have to order it, can’t buy it at the Apple store any more) – the other part, well, maybe early next year I’ll upgrade the laptop. I should do that anyway. We’ll see.

I’m not taking any time off work to play the new expansion stuff.  This is what makes me geek lite (even more so than the squee-ing over the extras in the CE).  I know people (and I won’t name names) that are taking the ENTIRE WEEK of work off next week to play.  I just don’t have the stamina for that.  But I’ll play a bunch.  And maybe it won’t take me til the next expansion to get any of my characters to level 80.  Since, you know – it took me from the release of The Burning Crusade (the last expansion – last year) until about a month ago to get those last ten levels from the original game to the max in that expansion.  See? Casual.  Totally geek lite.